Hook students with exciting team competition and retain them in aviation skills pathways. CrewConcept provides a gamified learning system that builds confidence from classrooms to careers. 



Competitive Drone Teams 

More than a drone sport, we teach aviation skills with hands-on camps and programs for all ages. Teams of 5-10 pilots work together to build, program, fly, and repair aircraft while learning leadership, communication, and engineering problem solving. 



Global Student Robotics

Invented in South Korea, Drone Soccer has spread internationally as an amateur drone sport. The Drone Soccer Academy provides educational camps and STEM/CTE curriculum to prepare students for aviation careers and the Academic Drone Soccer World Cup & Career Fair. 

How To Play Drone Soccer

Drone Soccer is similar to Quidditch except pilots operate remote-controlled aircraft. The drones are protected by spherical cages that allow them to collide in the air. As the only full-contact flying sport, competitions are fast-paced and spectator friendly!

The game is played 5v5 by pilots who stand outside a netted arena. One "Striker" aircraft on each team is marked with flags and is able to score by flying through the opposing goal, and the other pilots attempt to block the opposing Striker from scoring. This sport emphasizes not only pilot but also teamwork, strategy, and technical knowledge as they repair their aircraft under pressure. 

Each Drone Soccer Match is played in three-minute Sets with short repair intervals in between. The team with the most goals in three-minutes wins that Set, with the Match decided by best out of three. In the event of a tied Match the winner is decided by sudden death overtime!


Age & Aircraft Categories

Drone Soccer can retain students in aviation pathways for many years with the structure of traditional sports. College students serve as program mentors and referees to local high schools, and high school students who earn their FAA License can serve as middle and elementary school camp counselors. Age-appropriate aircraft provide increasing depth of learning for students:


These lightweight drones are safe for small hands and simple to operate for ages 8-12. These aircraft are 20cm in diameter and weigh 110 grams. 

SOCR.Takeoff Camps & Products

Middle & High

These advanced drones for Ages 12-18 are programmable, repairable, and rugged for competitive play. Utilizes the same 10x20ft arena as Elementary programs.

SOCR.Flight Camps, Labs, & Products


Larger and more powerful aircraft for ages 16+ serve as capstone engineering projects and research applications, 40cm and 1.1kg flying within an XL arena that is 25x50ft.

SOCR.Ascend College Products

Inflatable Drone Enclosures

Quick and easy to set up in any gym! Safe, indoor camps and competitions are contained inside a netted enclosures known as Drone Soccer arenas and are exempt from FAA restrictions. All K-12 programs share the same 10x20ft arena, while collegiate programs compete in the XL 25x50ft arena.