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SOCR.Flight Drone Lab

Turnkey CTE Pathways

Did you know that students can earn a professional drone license at the age of 16 and earn an average of $50 per hour? The SOCR.Flight Drone Lab is a comprehensive STEM/CTE program that makes aviation concepts engaging and easy to follow.  

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12-Week Drone Technology & Operations Curriculum

Use our hands-on courses to compliment existing aerospace courses, or as a semester unit aligned with national standards:


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and ICAO establish terminology, industry standards, and best practices for aeronautical decision making.


Adopting CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) with crew training principles used by professionals.


Next Generation Science Standards aligned with Middle & High School Physical Science and Engineering concepts and hands-on learning.


Career & Technical Education (CTE) Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) standards with Career Ready Practices (CRP) that span 16 Career Clusters.

Professional & Advanced Drone Courses

At 16, students can earn a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate the progress into work-based learning projects with advanced courses in how drones are used in high-paying careers. These courses from DroneU are used by leading companies as they train professional drone fleet operators. These courses combine for 85 contact hours equalling 2 college semester hour credits. 

Part 107 Test Prep Course Preview

Don't Crash Course

If you’re brand new to drones then this is the course for you. Like we say, ‘Trial & error isn’t a strategy…it’s insanity.’ Don’t suffer from costly mistakes made because you don’t know what you don’t know, until it’s too late. 

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Rapid Orthomosaics with Pix4D React

In this short course, learn how to build orthomosaics. We cover topics such as workflow, the benefits of using Pix4D react, how to process and what are the various uses of orthomosaics. 

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Advanced Aerial Videography 

We say all the time, your ability to get smooth, difficult shots with your drone is what will separate great pilots from average ones. Learn how to get those shots in this class as Paul shows you exactly what he does & how he does it. 

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Cell Tower Inspection

Cell Tower Inspection is a lucrative but complicated field. Learn about photogrammetry basics, hardware and software requirements, industry legalities, data processing and much more from the best in the industry. This class is loaded with Tips and Tricks guaranteed to give you the competitive advantage. 

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Commercial Roof Inspection

In this comprehensive 10-video course, Tom Powers walks you through how you can perform roof inspections using drones. You'll learn all the specifics you need to learn about performing a roof inspection with a drone, from understanding the specifics of roofing systems to gaining the knowledge of adding value in your deliverables. 

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